Thursday – August 8, 2013; Job 21:8-12

Their children are established in their presence, and their offspring before their eyes. Their houses are safe from fear, and no rod of God is upon them. Their bull breeds without fail; their cow calves and never miscarries.  
They send out their little ones like a flock, and their children dance around.  They sing to the tambourine and the lyre, and rejoice to the sound of the pipe.

If you look up today’s scripture, you will see that it was taken out of context; but I chose this passage because I feel that it reminds us of something very important: to celebrate our lives together!

Often while dealing with the many struggles we face as single parents, we can forget that there are many joys as well!

As a single parent, I found myself forming a closer bond with my daughter than I would have, if I had been part of a two parent household. The trade off for taking lower paying, less challenging jobs was that I seldom had to work overtime, or travel, and I had a lot of time to spend with her working on homework, playing for hours and hours, going on trips to the park, or just hanging out and watching videos and talking.

This bond has been strained by adolescence and the trials that have accompanied this time of life, but it has not been broken; and in fact the closeness has helped to limit the surprises, as she has often shared more information  with me than I really wanted to know.

There is joy playing with stuffed animals at 5:30am, in a trip to the swings on a warm summer day, with a bright blue sky overhead, or a fall evening spent hunting bears or raccoons on the streets of our neighborhood.  There is joy in knowing most of the friends who are in her life, and joy in sharing thoughts and feelings as we talk about life on life’s terms.

There is also joy in sharing good times with friends and family, and other single parents, who can help us to find our way as we navigate the sometimes confusing path of parenthood.

As a single parent, there is so much to celebrate, and even if things don’t always go the way we plan, we can celebrate the love we share with our children, and the joy of knowing that despite any mistakes or missteps, we were there for our children,  and we did the best we could, with your help.

Let us Pray:

God, thank you for the joy of living, the joy of sharing our lives with our children, of being able to watch them grow up.  Please help us to keep the joy in our hearts even when the going gets rough, to rely on the support and love of those around us to help us to find our way; our return to the great joy we are part of: watching a our children grow into adulthood!  Please help us to do the best we can, and to turn the results over to your care.



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