Monday – August 19, 2013; Jeremiah 23:30-32

See, therefore, I am against the prophets, says the Lord, who steal my words from one another. See, I am against the prophets, says the Lord, who use their own tongues and say, “Says the Lord.” See, I am against those who prophesy lying dreams, says the Lord, and who tell them, and who lead my people astray by their lies and their recklessness, when I did not send them or appoint them; so they do not profit this people at all, says the Lord.

Sometimes it seems like everyone has something to say!  As single parents we can be bombarded with advice and suggestions, if not downright orders, in regard to raising our children.

There are books, magazine articles, blogs and other postings that all seem to know what is best for us and our kids,  Some of these advisors are in it for the money, some want to prove themselves as experts. but most are well meaning, and offer us advice out of concern and love.

The truth is that every child is different, and what works for one family may not work for another…as single parents it is important for us to keep an open mind to advice, and not to take these suggestions as an indictment of our parenting skills.

When we read or receive advice on parenting, it is always good to remember that God does speak through the people in our lives, and then to take what we need and leave the rest; mostly it is important to be grateful that people do care enough to offer us help in the challenging job of being a single parent.

Let us Pray:

God, thank you for the real ‘prophets’ in our lives…those people who truly speak for you, and reach out to us with help and advice out of love and compassion.  Please help us to listen to advice with an open mind, and to take what we need, from those who care for us and our children.  And when the time comes, please give us the gift of sharing our wisdom and hope with others in need, as we are all traveling down this road of life together.



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