Wednesday – August 21, 2013; Luke 19:45-46

Then he entered the temple and began to drive out those who were selling things there; and he said, ‘It is written,

“My house shall be a house of prayer”; but you have made it a den of robbers.’

Today’s gospel reading tells us about Jesus chasing the Money Changers out of the temple; when reading this passage I was thinking that there were times when I would like to do the same thing!

No, we do not have Money Changers in our church, but I having been mostly unemployed during the last two years, I do have a lot of money issues, and get phone calls about debts, etc…

Many (though not all) single parents can find themselves in similar money trouble, as we are usually the sole provider for our family, and cannot always count on child support payments being made on time.  In addition, as single parents it can be difficult for us to take on higher paying jobs, or jobs that are ’off hours’, include a lot of travel, over-time, etc. because we have to be home in the evenings for our children, and be able to leave work when they are sick and need care or to see a doctor.

Sometimes these money issues can take over our lives and our homes, overshadowing all we do.  At times like these we can feel like we just want to chase our creditors away so we can focus more on our kids, especially when we have to say “no” to something our children want or need because there simply is not enough money.

However, being a single parent also means taking responsibility for our lives, our homes, and our debts…even if getting into debt was not entirely our fault.  Fortunately, we have resources available to us (rather than just hanging up the phone), there are services that can provide credit counseling, and if needed, there are food banks, social services, churches, and other places that can provide support which can help us to get through the lean times.

Hopefully, we will also have people in our lives in a position to help us…and while we may be reluctant to accept such help, it is good to keep in mind that accepting this support often makes those who care about us feel better about themselves as well.

By taking advantage of this support and love, we can slowly free ourselves from concerns about money and be able to focus more on what really matters: loving and caring for our children!

Let us Pray:

God thank you for the great gift of our children, please help us to remember that this is what matters most.  Help us to avoid the financial pitfalls of modern life, but if we do fall, help us to accept the help and support that is offered to us, through social services, churches, and from friends and family who love us; let us remember that all these sources of strength are among the many ways that you reach out to us with your grace.



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