Friday – August 23, 2013; Luke 6:1-5

One sabbath while Jesus was going through the cornfields, his disciples plucked some heads of grain, rubbed them in their hands, and ate them. But some of the Pharisees said, ‘Why are you doing what is not lawful on the sabbath?’ Jesus answered, ‘Have you not read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God and took and ate the bread of the Presence, which it is not lawful for any but the priests to eat, and gave some to his companions?’ Then he said to them, ‘The Son of Man is lord of the sabbath.’

No rest for the weary…

A few years ago, when I my daughter was still young, a friend began complaining to me about having to ‘baby sit’ his kids for a few hours while his wife (who spent all day at home with their 2 kids) went out to do some shopping.  I listened to his tale of whoa, and then reminded him who he was speaking to!  At that point I had been a single parent for several years, and the thought of even just going out shopping on my own seemed wonderful!  I pointed out that I had been raising my daughter for almost 7 years on my own, and that I did not consider time caring for my own child as ‘babysitting’.  Then I added that raising kids was a lot of work and maybe his wife deserved the break, I know I felt like I deserved one!

Sometimes the job of single parenting seems to be like a 24/7 proposition…because it is!!

Like any other good parent, we never stop parenting, especially not even when our kids are growing up and becoming more independent!  However, as single parents, we can get few breaks, and can seem constantly busy with shopping, cleaning, chauffeuring, homework, sports, friends, and drama, especially on the weekends!

There were many Mondays when I was actually glad to go to work, in order to get break.

Of course we love our kids, and care about them, and want only the best; however, part of giving them the best, means to give them our best as well, and we cannot do that if we are exhausted!

While taking care of our children is what we want to do, and what we are supposed to do, we all need breaks, not matter how old our kids are.  We need to make sure to take care of ourselves, by asking for help with our kids.  We do this by asking friends and family for babysitting (real babysitting) help; and taking advantage of whatever free time we can get to enjoy ourselves and de-stress!  We can also do this by reaching out to those close to us about our worries and responsibilities, to get advice and assistance.

As I have mentioned in these devotions/reflections, we do not raise our children in a vacuum, and should take advantage of any hand that offers help, and see this as an extension of God’s grace to us!

Let us Pray:

God, though we love our children, sometimes we get tired; please help us to know when to stop pushing ourselves and when to ask for help.  Let us remember that your help and grace surrounds us always, in the helping hands offered by those around us.  Thank you that we are never alone as we care for our children and ourselves.



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