Wednesday – November 27, 2013; Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God!
    I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth.”

We are on the brink now…

Many of us will have our world’s shaken up, turned upside down, and may soon find ourselves in the midst of chaos!

Yes…we are on the verge of the holiday season once again!  Here in the USA, Thanksgiving is upon us, and soon after is Christmas, and in-between the two, there can be a lot of preparation: shopping (even if on a tight budget), traveling, parties, decorating, church, school and community events, and some (possibly uncomfortable) family gatherings!

The Holidays can be a joyous and fun time, but can also be crazy and frustrating for us as single parents…especially for those of us who struggle with finances and/or family issues; and even those who do not have financial or family worries can find themselves stressing over the Holidays – as we are the ones responsible for making most of the preparations, and transporting our kids to various events and gatherings.

And we are the ones who often have to explain our family dynamic to others, when we do get together for family functions or celebrations…

So I thought that this passage from Psalm 46 was appropriate for today, as we are still on the brink…it is a good reminder for us that we can stop and any time, take a breath, be calm and remember that God is here with us always; through thick and thin, always showing us love and compassion…that can give us the promise of peace, even in the midst of a hectic season!

I have found this stillness when driving to or from work, hiking, just sitting with a good book, or spending time with my daughter or another loved one.  I have also felt God’s presence when involved in charity work, or when sharing worship or a celebration with others; as God’s grace is often shared through the fellowship of others.

At this busy time of year (or any time of year) it is easy to stop for a moment, catch our breath, and find peace in the knowledge that God is with us, and is in charge, and that we are all well-loved children of God.

Taking a moment to connect with God, through prayer, through nature, through our children or through joining with others is a good way to keep our feet on the ground, maintain our balance, and to survive the often hectic Holiday season; and it is also a way for us to remember what the Holidays are all about, and to recapture the joy of the season: the celebration of Jesus’ birth, the coming of the light of God’s love into the world.

Let us Pray

God, let us remember to find moments to be still, to reconnect with you, our loved ones, and the true spirit of the Christmas season.  Help us not to be overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities, and let us remember that your love is the light that shines in the darkness; and that this love shines through us all.



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