Friday – September 5, 2014; Matthew 5:16


“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven”.

In today’s Gospel we are called to let our light shine brightly before others…a call that is echoed in the old Sunday school song : “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…I’m gonna let it shine, Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Let it shine over the whole wide world…” (okay the lyrics of the song do not exactly go together like that, but I am keeping to the spirit of the song, and this is my blog and the song is in public domain, so there it is…)

However as single parents we have found that raising children ‘on our own’ can be a hectic, frustrating and sometimes even scary experience, like when our child wanders away from us in a store, or when our teenager seems to disappear with the car at the same time that their cell phone “dies”. All this can leave us feeling a bit stressed, tired, and feeling more dull rather than bright and shining.

This can be especially true at those times when we feel like we have made a mistake, such when we gave our kids bad advice, lost our temper or when we were just feeling too tired and too overwhelmed and because of this we looked the other way when we should have been paying more attention to our children, and made a bad decision (or no did nothing at all) which allowed things to get away from us.

I can be overly critical of myself when I feel like I have fallen short as a father, and beating myself up doesn’t help, as it can leave me feeling more being worn out and dull.

As single parents we can be too hard on ourselves when we feel like our light is not shining…but there is good news for us: we do not deserve to treat ourselves so harshly, or to disregard the light that we do share with the world.

For mo matter how tired, frustrated, afraid, overwhelmed or just plain dull we may feel in our daily lives as single parents, our light continues to shine…as we share the light of the risen Christ, and the light that shines through us is the light of Easter morning, the light that has transformed the world…and gives us all hope!

We share this light with our children as we help them to grow into adults: helping them learn how to meet the challenges of facing life on life’s terms, teaching them how to think and believe for themselves, sharing with them the value of having a faith that works and the strength that can come from struggle, and the hope that shines through the truth that life is good not only in spite of its challenges, but also because of them!

When we share the light of our faith with our children, teaching them to treat others and themselves with compassion, forgiveness and love…accepting each other as members of God’s family, we are showing them how to shine the light of Christ in their lives.

For when we all let our light shine, the light of Christ spreads to others…giving them hope and making our world less dark, and more filled with joy and love!

Let us Pray:

Dear God, thank you for giving us the saving light of Christ…the light of Easter that can transform our world…filling up the darkness with hope. Help us to share our faith…and to let our light shine brightly, even when we feel too dull and tired to shine. Let us share our light by sharing our faith with our children and all those around us, by offering our experience and support to all who struggle; and when we accept the same from others when we are struggling. Help us to remember that it is when we come together in faith that our light shines the brightest, and spreads out to fill all the dark corners of world with your love and hope.



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