Thursday – October 16, 2014

Thursday – October 16, 2014; Philippians 4:6-7

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

In the song “Have a Talk With God”, Stevie Wonder sings about how God will always there for us…offering us support and hope when life gets too tough, always listening and always available for us…as the chorus of the song says: “When you feel your life’s too hard Just go have a talk with God”,

It is true that God is always there for us, always present in our lives, and available to listen to our prayers whenever we need Him.

Sometimes though it may feel as if God is not listening, and our prayers are falling on deaf ears, and our struggles just continue to deepen, even if we are doing the ‘right thing’ in our lives…such as taking care of our kids, even when we are doing it as single parents!

Our lives as single parents can be filled with frustration, fear, and sacrifice, and often in the midst of hard-times we can feel truly alone, as life does not always turn out as we’d like. Sometimes I think I have misled by too many TV sitcoms into thinking that life as a single father would be fun, quirky and filled with love and happy surprises…tempered by times when my daughter may go slightly off-track (i.e. getting a D on her report card, or smelling cigarette smoke); the truth is that real life is not like it is on TV…and at our times our lives can get too hard…and that is when it can help us to have a talk with God.

The good news is not only that God is always available to talk too, but is also loves us enough to allow us the opportunity to vent!

There are times when I am not happy with the way I feel that God is handling my life…when I feel like I have had too much bad news, bad luck, and bad days….and I just get angry! Now, I believe with all of my heart that it is never God’s Will for us to be unhappy or in pain; but there are times when I just need to let God know exactly how I am feeling about the way my life is going…even though I know I am the one most responsible for my own mistakes.

Just as our kids can sometimes say hurtful things to me that she does not mean when they are upset or angry, we can also say (or at least think) some hurtful things about God…and just as we forgive and love our children for saying some nasty things to us, so too does God forgive us for venting our frustration and anger! We forgive because we love our children, and God forgives because we are His well-loved children!

And it does help to vent…even sometimes to yell…or cry to God! Knowing God is there listening can help me when I feel frustrated, and if there is no one for us to talk too…and even more good news for us is that even when it may feel as if we are alone, and our prayers are falling on deaf ears, God still reaches out to us with love and compassion through the people we share our lives and our faith with! Even at times when I did NOT want to connect with another person, and wanted to take some time to revel in my misery, when I was really hitting bottom, someone would usually call or text me, post something I needed to hear of Facebook, or simply show up right when I needed them!

No matter what is troubling us, what we’re worried about, or what is causing us fear, we can always have a talk with God, through prayer, and though talking to those we are close to…and knowing we are not alone, and have someone to talk to, we can be on better ground to work things out with our kids, and the others in our lives that we may have conflicts with.

For it is when we reach out to others with compassion and forgiveness that we can continue the task of reconciliation with each other, as we are called to do as followers of Christ…and this reconciliation will strengthen our relationships with our children, and this can lead us from struggle to the joy of living together as we grow up together…and this joy is also something that we can talk to God about…as we offer our praises when things go right, and gratitude for the gifts of love and forgiveness given to us through Christ!

Let us Pray:

Dear God, thank you for always being available for us to have a talk with…and for loving us enough to allow us to tell you how we really feel, even if it is hurtful. Forgive us for letting our anger get the better with of us, and help us to show that same love and forgiveness to our children and to others who hurt us when they are hurting…remembering how much that they really love us, and we love them. Please help us not to get mired down in resentment, fear and frustration, and to turn our troubles over to your care. Help us to share our faith by also being a listening ear to others who need to have someone to talk to…as we too carry the light of God’s grace with us in our world.



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