Monday – December 15, 2014: Trust and Joy in the Midst of Trouble

Monday – December 15, 2014: Habakkuk 3:17-19

17 Though the fig tree does not blossom, and no fruit is on the vines; though the produce of the olive fails, and the fields yield no food; though the flock is cut off from the fold, and there is no herd in the stalls, 18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will exult in the God of my salvation. 19 God, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,     and makes me tread upon the heights.

When my daughter first started to drive and would borrow the car, it always made me nervous, but the real anxiety hit when she stayed out past her curfew; of course I would call, and usually she would not answer, making me even more afraid. During these times I would find myself standing on the back porch, watching for lights coming down the back alley. Every time I would see headlights shining in the darkness, I would get excited hoping that she was finally home; only to be disappointed time and time again as the lights just passed on by…until at last those lights will pulled in behind the house and I could finally relax!

When I was waiting for her to come home during the day-time I would have no warning, even if the headlights were still on they would go almost unnoticed in the light of a sunny day. When it was cloudy the lights shone a little bit brighter…but it is only in the darkness that those headlights could truly be seen, and give me hope.

So it is with the light of God’s love…the light that comes into the world at Christmas, with the birth of Jesus…this light shines from the lowly manger, radiating out into the world from the empty tomb on Easter morning….

This light is always with us, always there, but sometimes it shines so brightly in our lives that we do not notice it; just as a single candle may go unnoticed in a room light with bright fluorescent lights, or the headlights of a car are all but invisible on a sunny day; however, just because we cannot always see it does not mean that the light has ceased to shine!

Sometimes we just get so caught up in our lives that we almost forget that the light is with us…until times get more difficult: our child goes astray, gets involved with the ‘wrong’ friends, and seems to be making bad choices, and even becoming more defiant; it is during those times when we can feel overwhelmed with stress and worry…and our world seems darkest, that the small candle of hope burns the brightest in our lives.

It is also during these dark and difficult times that we can find ourselves reaching out for that light, through prayer, and by asking others for help…whether it is just to have the ear of someone who understands, receive advice or to help us take action where we are either too frustrated or too anxious to act and think with a clear head.

It is this light that shines in our lives that reminds us that it is never God’s Will for us to be in pain, to be hurt or to feel alone…that IS God’s Will for us and our children to be happy, joyous and free to live our lives and to follow Christ! It is the light of God’s love as given to us through Christ that is the true light of Christmas, and a cause for praise and rejoicing at all times…especially when we may not be feeling all that hopeful or grateful!!

Sometimes we need to walk in the darkness to appreciate the light that always shines in our world…

To remind us that the light of Christ not only shines in our world every day (both good days and bad); but that as followers of Christ, we are called to carry the light with us in all that we do…sharing it with others, whether our lives are filled with that light, or filled with the darkness of worry or despair! For here is our good news today: that when the light of God’s love is shared with others it grows…even if all we have is a flickering flame of hope, this flame can ignite hope in others, and soon from a small flame will be a huge fire, with light enough to lead everyone home safely through the darkness and into the light of God’s Kingdom…which is growing brighter right here, where we are, in the midst of our own lives!

And it is this light that has been given to all of God’s children, not only our children, but also ourselves…and this is always a cause for us to have trust in God’s love and to free ourselves from worry to be able to experience the joy of living!

Let us Pray:

God, thank you for filling our lives with hope…which gives us a reason for hope and for joy! Thank you for the light of your love that shines brightest on the darkest days, and please let us remember that not only is this light with us at Christmas, but also every other day of the year…both day and night, in clear skies and stormy weather! Help us to share this light with each other, even when we do not feel we have much to share…for it is in sharing that this light grows stronger…and where this light grows strong it can guide us all the way home, to the Kingdom of God.



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