Tuesday – March 10, 2015; Faith and Foolishness

1 Corinthians 1:18

18 For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.   cross

For most of human history belief in a power greater than ourselves was a given…

Every culture has a belief in a god or gods, in forces which kept the world running…powers that they simply took on faith because they were beyond their understanding.

In the last 200 years humanity has made great leaps in understanding how the world works, leaps that have answered so many questions that were once incomprehensible, leaps that have brought us into an age of amazing technology. As our scientific knowledge has grown, our belief in a power greater than ourselves has waned.

Today there are many people who feel that God is a myth, and that having faith in Christ is foolishness, a sign of weakness or of a weak mind. After all, why do we need God when we have science to explain where rain comes from, the sound of thunder in the sky, why people get sick and die (and ways to slow the process), and even how new life is formed within the womb. There are fewer and fewer mysteries and more facts, so much less that has to be taken on faith!

This is the world we live in: a world where God is compared to a “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, where people of faith are called ignorant, and their beliefs are mocked as outdated or even dangerous, as the media likes to portray all believers in a higher power as closed-minded extremists (and where some believers live up to this portrayal)! Living in this world, it is easy to understand how so many can doubt what they cannot understand, see and touch with their own hands…like Doubting Thomas who had to see the risen Christ to believe!

Living in this world most of our kids are being barraged with information, from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to what they learn in school, from friends, as well as television and the music they listen to. All this information can be confusing to them giving mixed messages regarding what is important in life, how they should live their lives, and the importance (or lack thereof) faith in our lives.

It is normal for us to have doubts about God’s presence in our world, to explore and question our faith…in fact it can be argued that faith must be questioned in order to grow stronger; however, with all these voices vying for our children’s hearts and minds, how can we help them to see the true value of faith in all of our lives?

We can teach them the value and power of faith in our lives, by being a power of example, through simply living that faith out-loud on a daily basis! To make our belief in a higher power and faith in God’s love a part of our lives, letting the light of Christ shine in all we do! It is true that this is not always an easy task, as we often fall short; however even when then we can show our children faith in action through how we react in the face of adversity, mistakes and tragedies.

We can also show our children the power of faith in how we reach out to help those in need, from the poor, sick and the homeless, to friends and family who are in need of support in the face of their own troubles. We can also show our children the power of faith shared by accepting the help of others, especially when we are used to ‘going it alone’.

For faith shared is faith in action, and faith in action becomes a shining beacon of God’s great love for us: the light of the risen Christ, the ultimate example of God’s love in our world!

And of course we can teach our children about the importance of faith in how we treat them, with love and care (even if they do not always deserve it), as well as how we take care of ourselves, to ensure that we do not get to hungry, angry, lonely or tired, all things that would get in the way of being the parents we are called to be!

We live in an often foolish and tragic world. As parents there is much for us to worry about, and as single parents, we often feel as if the burden of responsibility rests solely on our own shoulders and carrying around all that weight can be rough, but then this is one of our callings: to be good parents and to teach our children the ways of the world, and the ways of faith lived out-loud in the midst of our lives, and shared with each other. And this is our good news: that we are not alone, but walk through this world together, surrounded by the protection of God’s love…a love that is better when shared!

This is the truth we live in, the truth of your love, the truth that saves us, a truth which is never foolish!!

Let Us Pray:

God, thank you for immersing us in the truth of your gracious love. Help us to hold fast to our faith in this love, even in the midst of this foolish world, a world that tells us that we are the fools for believing in you. In the face of this foolishness, from those who deny you to those who twist your message of love, let us show our children the power of your love, by living our faith out-loud in all that we do…and by sharing this faith with others, for it is when shared that your love shines brightest in our world!



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