Saturday – May 30, 1015: After the Flood

Psalm 29: 10 – 11

10 The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as king forever.
11 May the Lord give strength to his people!  May the Lord bless his people with peace!

Although spring can bring new life and a welcome warmth after the ice and cold of winter, it can also bring with it many storms and floods…

Sadly, there are many in our world who are suffering as the result of flooding this spring. As we have seen a flood can be a unstoppable force, destroying and devastating all that is in its path, it can ruin and uproot lives, and change people forever.

As parents (single or otherwise) there are times when we may have felt as if we were in the midst of raging flood waters, especially if we have watched helplessly as our children were swept downstream by bad choices, damaged people and unsettling behavior. As the parent of an addict, I have known that horrible feeling of powerlessness as I have watched my child pursue her own destruction, knowing I could do nothing to stop her fall. Like a flood, addiction can have a devastating impact on all that is in its path, and trying to control it is like trying to hold back the rising water with our bare hands!

Yet even when all seems lost, and the flood waters threaten to drown us in worry or fear, there is still hope; for even the worst floods can lead to a time of renewal and new growth. In fact, many cultures in the past have looked forward to annual flooding as the rains can nourish the ground, restoring fertility to fields, and replenish streams and wells for drinking water. Today, we have seen how floods can bring people together as they seek to help and support each other, often putting aside differences as they work to clean up and rebuild in the wake of the disaster.

And this is our good news today, even in when we are feeling powerless in the face of the floods that can devastate our lives, and threaten to uproot the lives of our children: that we are not alone in facing these floods, as God knows how hard it can be to watch your own child suffering, and has given us the support of those who care about us, and the understanding of those who have survived disasters of their own! This too is our hope, that a flood can be survived, as one day, the waters will recede and when they do, the healing can begin!

This does not mean that healing will come easily, as cleaning up after any flood can be messy and thankless work, and can leave us feeling worn out and dirty, frustrated and sore! There will be times when the struggle may cause us to question our faith in ourselves and in God’s grace…wondering if it is really in our lives! This is why it is always better to work as a team, as when we come together in faith, sharing the love of God, we can face struggles that we never could have faced on our own!

As we move together towards healing, the grace of God is revealed, as it will not take long before we can start to an amazing transformation in our own lives, and hopefully in the lives of our children, as often what emerges from a disaster is better than it was before!

This can certainly the case with those who have recovered from the devastating storms of addiction, violence, poverty and the betrayal of trust! As once in the process of recovery, new resources for healing can be discovered, faith can deepen and our hopes can soar! This renewed strength can come in handy, as life does not suddenly become perfect once someone has stopped practicing their damaging behaviors. After all facing challenges is part of life, remember even the Yellow Brick Road was plagued with flying monkeys! Yet, when given this new lease on life, and supported by all those around us, we can find new ways to react, new means of comfort and a new hope in knowing that no matter what trouble we are facing, God is with us, and through Christ, promises that we are never alone!

For as today’s reading tells us, it is the Lord who “…sits enthroned over the flood “, and who promises to bring us through the waters and into a new land of peace and reconciliation. It is this promise, as given to us through Christ that can brighten our world with hope, and spark new life, even in the midst of the worst devastation.

Let Us Pray:

Dear God we pray for all those whose lives have been devastated by floods, both those who have been inundated by water, and those who have had their lives overwhelmed by their own powerlessness in the face of what they cannot control. Thank you for giving us help and support when we are faced with disasters in our lives, and for the promise of new life given in Christ. Let us hold tight to this promise as the waters recede and the clean-up begins, remembering that we do not face these challenges alone! Help us also to reach out to pull others out of the flood waters of their lives, as we share our faith and experience with all those who are in need of hope, reminding them that no matter how bad the flood, life will bloom again!



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