Friday – June 3, 2016: Rejoice!


Psalm 113 (NRSV)

Praise the LORD!
Praise, O servants of the LORD; praise the name of the LORD.
Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time on and forevermore.
From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the LORD is to be praised.
The LORD is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens.
Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high,

who looks far down on the heavens and the earth?
He raises the poor from the dust, and lifts the needy from the ash heap,
to make them sit with princes, with the princes of his people.
He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children.
Praise the LORD!

Sometimes we just need to rejoice, to put aside all of our worry and stress, and be grateful for all that we have, to feel the joy of being mothers and fathers of children, to experience the joy of living!

Life as a single parent can be all encompassing, and goes on and on…even when our kids are ‘grown’ we can still find ourselves caught up in our responsibilities as parents, and this can leave us feeling overwhelmed, causing us to forget all that we have to be grateful for!  This is why today’s reading is so fitting, as it reminds us that in the midst of our busy lives, we still need to take time out to rejoice, to give praise, and to celebrate the great gifts we have been given in our children!

For being a single parent is a great gift, that also goes on and on…

It may not always be easy, or always joyful, but every moment, from the best to the worst, is a reason for praise and for gratitude to God.

Being a parent is not just a responsibility, but a wonderful thing…as it gives us the opportunity of watching a new life come into the world, and then helping them to learn their way in that world, through all the joys and heartbreaks, victories and failures.  To help them as they deal with their mistakes, to watch them learn and grow up and to share love with them along the way, is a great gift!

The love between a parent and child can be a reflection of the love that God has for us, as that love is unbreakable, even though we are not always at our most lovable, even though there are times when we fall short.  Like any other parent, God may not always be pleased with our behavior, but continues to offer us forgiveness, and never stops loving us, even when we act as if that love is not shared.  Many of us may know the pain of having their children turn away from us, or telling us that they hate us.  Even in these cases, we never lose the love we have for our kids, and so it is with God, who always has our back, and is always there when needed…even if our prayers are sometimes only of the foxhole variety…and will always welcome us home no matter how far we may stray.

There is much to be grateful for in being a parent, and so many reasons to rejoice, not just once in a while, but every day, even every moment, for the thing that can wear us out and frustrate us the most, is also the greatest gift of our lives: our children!

So, let us take time to each day to celebrate the joy of being parents.  Let us take time out to play with our kids, to talk to them, to share their lives, and then to practice letting go, and taking care of ourselves.

Let Us Pray:

Dear God, thank you for the gift of being parents.  When life gets overwhelming, and we feel frustrated, please let us remember all that we have to be grateful for, and take time out to give thanks, to give praise, and to celebrate!  Help us to never lose the joy of being a parent, and of living in the light of your love, and of sharing that love with our children.



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