Raising children in today’s culture can be difficult in a ‘traditional’ two parent household, and even more of a challenge for a single parent, who often has to find a balance between the needs of work and of home. This stress can often leave single parents feeling alone and frustrated. The goal of these devotionals is to offer hope and support to single parents, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles, mistakes, fears and joys. These devotionals will also speak to the faith we all share in God’s love, and remind the readers that this love is freely given and shared with all of us.

Unlike other devotionals that are currently available, Sparks of Happiness will be rooted in traditional Christian Theology, and rather than the often ‘feel-good’ message that is offered by more evangelical devotionals, Sparks of Happiness often speak to the harder truths of being a single parent. However, the overall message of the devotions will remain positive as the point is to give hope and support to those who are struggling with parenting issues and concerns about their children. In order to achieve this goal, each devotion will remind the readers that they are not alone in their struggles, as God walks with us all, both in the Spirit and through the people in our lives, and this presence gives all the light of hope; hence the title “Sparks of Happiness”.

I have been in recovery from Alcoholism for over 25 years, and have been a single father for over 18 years. As a single father I have experienced every stage of raising a child, from toddler through young adult. During this time I have faced challenges including financial troubles, how to play nicely with other kids, grades, illness, injury, as well as how to ensure my daughter maintained a relationship with her mother, and issues of addiction, from dealing with the judicial system to the challenges of recovery and maintaining sobriety, both for myself and my daughter.

I was born in the Bronx, and raised by my adoptive family (i.e. real) in suburban New Jersey. I hold a BA in English from Upsala College, which was in East Orange, New Jersey, and also earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. In addition, I have over 30 years of business experience in various fields.

However, the best and more important position I have ever held is that of “Father”, it is the hardest, but also the best thing that I have ever done!

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  1. I wish you all the best with your writing endeavors. I’ve found God is good; as we read His Word He “opens” the Scriptures and supplies many thoughts we can share.
    I’d encourage you to install a Recent Posts widget (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets) so we can see a list of the articles you’ve written lately. This makes it a lot easier for readers who find your site and want to check out other things you’ve written without scrolling back, back, back. A list of categories or cloud tag is also helpful to know what subjects you’ve covered (if you do tag your posts.)

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